EP88: Where Chat meets Email

Oh dear, it’s been a long time since they had a full-length podcast and the boys do get rude. You have been warned. Steve even breaks out into song!! Steve covers his Email strategy and how he uses the great features of Outlook to sort the email and suggestions for Microsoft to improve the ‘quick reply’ possibilities for emails. They then move on to the main subject entitled “Good Chat adoption plan can reduce emails” Conclusions reached are to set up a Chat 1st Mentality across your business and don’t forget the etiquette rules ensuring that they are part of your training process.
Chats are shorter because they already have context but for emails, you often must provide the context so that people can understand the message.

Policies do need to be thought through about external access for Chats.  MS Teams and channel chats are OK as invitees are created as external users but not for Chats.

Marijn outlines the email problems with emails and the problems of losing control and treating the email string as a conversation instead of having… a real conversation.

Worth thinking about email as evidence of a decision made.  Chat can be less instinctive without the context, but the story of an email has a little more depth to describe the decisions being made.

Chat has some risks as it is not always so easy to see who can read the messages like in Email but of course, if we were all open and honest it doesn’t matter.

Chat tends to work the right and left side brains with great creativity tools.

Change program is required to drive a Chat 1st Mentality 

All the old rules apply across Chats as they do for emails, so CAPITAL LETTERS do mean I am shouting and to respond quicker than an email process. 

Marijn and Steve sound a little disappointed with the Jura 7 wood they taste at the end of EP87 but they are not, this was a very deep whisky with great notes at the end.

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EP88: Where Chat meets Email
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