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EP75: Back to Basics: Information Architecture with content types

Steve and Marijn present the 1st in a series of Back to Basics. Talking 'practical' Content types about how to plan, implement and gain value from the brave new world of content architecture. But first, news about Steve talking at M365 Chicago, congratulations to Carmen on getting MVP and Steve expresses his failure to achieve MVP by telling them all they can never join him as a non-MVP anymore! This is a practical podcast giving you lots of information on implementing content types and designing that illusive content architecture.

EP74: Looping the ribbon around Microsoft’s 2021 presents

Marijn and Steve open their Christmas presents from Microsoft and peek of what’s cool and what’s cooler. They touch on the complexity of collaboration, the growth of Adoption and the fact that Compliance is the ugly Christmas sweater that is a little nerdy and growing more complex.

EP73: Plan-to-Evolve M365 Adoption with constant improvement

Steve #ScrewsUp and tells a story to help you not Loose important OneDrive files. Then Marijn and Steve introduce the concept ‘Plan to Evolve’. This is a process for constant growth and improvement across the business and organisation for M365.

EP72: MOCA 2.0, Adoption tools with hidden depths

There is a new MOCA framework from Microsoft and EP72 is really Steve and Marijn standing at the bar and shooting the breeze. Marijn thinks we should do a re-visit and Steve thinks he is right because there are hidden depths in MOCA 2.0 With lots of diversions and bar level humor (you have been warned) Steve identifies the subtle levels of change in the MOCA framework that is more aligned to corporate objectives and business value items.

EP71: SAFe Agile M365 planning with T-Shirts

Steve is in an Obstreperous mood and Marijn has to put up with the crap that comes out of Steve's head as he tries to get a word in edgeways. Marijn asks about what a T-Shirt size is and how does that help us create greatness. OBSTREPEROUS noisy and difficult to control. "the boy is cocky and obstreperous" So Marijn asks the questions as Steve talks… yes, it’s one of those episodes. Steve tries to explain how Scaled AGILE uses System Thinking and why T-Shirts are so important. Then they meet the goal of introducing a whisky you will not easily be able to taste

EP70: Steve and Marijn build a Transformation Team

The Boys look at what it takes to create a Transformation and Adoption team. Specifically, the roles required to deliver change successfully. We consider the people and problems that need to be considered to start the process of change, setting the targets and importance of knowing what to achieve and the people to ensure it is delivered.

EP Soixante-Neuf: Adoption Planning with Touchy Feely Productivity Score

Steve and Marijn cannot resist naming this episode soixante-neuf ( and yes, they might push this too far). However, they do try and look smart with Quotes and examples that fall by the wayside as they take a severe look at How a Digitally Driven Organisation with measurement can drive adoption. Using measurement tools available in Microsoft 365, they identify the key metrics that can be measured and used for continuous improvement. They conclude by looking at what is missing, Pen and Whiteboard usages, how many recordings are take and listened to if I did not attend the meeting. Finally, the soixante-neuf explodes with a Whisky from TOAD that blows their minds.

EP68: What we learned about MS teams @Commsverse

So, the boys had a week of learning they want to share. About MS teams, Microsoft Phone System, Sound and video Bars, Mercedes AMG cars, Team Rooms, Concorde, and Cotswolds Whisky. This Personal development week is described in detail in EP68 of Office365Distilled

The Office365Distilled 1-inch Party details

So after talking about it for over half a year the details of the first Office365Distilled party have been reviewed. September 12th 2021 at 7.30 CET (18.30 UK) so listen in and go to www.marijnandSteve.com to reserve your place. Your chance to win a shot of Swiss Mountain Whisky matured for 7 of it's 11 years in a glacier in Switzerland to give it a complexity of forest fruits on the nose only matched by the awesomely sharp pepper on the finish.

EP67: Gearing up for Commsverse 2021

In this episode, the boys look at the excellent speaker offerings from Commsverse 2021 picking out some key presentations and looking to identify the points they are looking to learn from. Martin Boam joins from the Commsverse executive to give an update on numbers and the cool conference social program (you might win tickets to Silverstone F1 2022)

EP65: Adoption Succeeds with Management Buy-in

Steve and Marijn continue with Adoption talk how managers and users see a set of different needs. In this episode suggested by listener Marcus we talk about through the pro’s and con’s of senior management buy-in and why Senior managers and user are looking at different values from Microsoft 365.

EP64: SharePoint Adoption is improved by great pages

Steve and Marijn discuss the site information that could be displayed and in this podcast focus on the tips and tricks to building and managing pages. They talk to Matt Hurst from Ribbon Communications sponsor of Commsverse Conference (September 15th and 16th ) We send some Dear Jeff emails knowing he will be taking our suggestions and immediately adding them to the backlog on the day the podcast is released… ok maybe not 😉 We finish with a great German whisky suggested by a regular listener.

EP63: M365 Content Architecture and reasons Digital transformation fails.

Looking at the key structures that build content architectures, Sites and Structures, Governance and Processes combined with Marijn’s thoughts on the 5 reasons that Business transformation fails

EP62: A blend of M365 Secure Score, Commsverse and Japan

Introducing Commsverse in the Office365Distilled podcast we hear from Speakers, Organisers and sponsors from the upcoming Commsverse conference scheduled for 15th & 16th September 2021. EP62 is a touchy feely podcast including sheep, loosing virginity and Marijn taking a prick for his health. Yes, it is one of those podcasts… where Marijn gets a solid Business reasons for implementing his first Yammer application and the boys look at Secure score providing some high level advise on how to improve your security posture.

EP61: Experimenting with MS teams and Casks

EP61 is a unique episode because amazingly Steve and Marijn finish on time!!! Discussing the latest announcements from Build and look at Jeff's Keynote from European SharePoint conference. The boys look to the future with fluid and then outline great new feature due in the coming weeks on MS Teams

EP60: Measuring Work and ROI with the Collaboration Roadmap

How do you measure the work and return on investment as you roll out the M365 services and deliver collaboration to your organization? Steve and Marijn tell some stories in EP60 of office365 Distilled around the Roadmap to deliver collaboration. Starting from over 40 years ago when a network drive was all that was available through to full collaboration. Finally, the whisky had to be something special and the boys find a great story about a whiskey that has been re-created based on recipes from Nathan Green who taught Jasper (Jack) Daniels how to make Tennessee whisky.

EP59: The epic pissing contest between SPO and MS Teams

Steve and Marijn look at a question every company moving to the cloud must consider today with the growing maturity of MS teams. Do we focus adoption on SharePoint Collaboration or MS teams for the new Microsoft 365 cloud customer? In the Blue corner representing MS teams Marijn Somers and the Red corner with a SharePoint Shout-Out Steve Dalby. The answer is given at the start of the podcast and then the action starts.

EP58: Conquering the adoption funnel

In this episode of #Office365Distilled Steve pulls up an old Ignite slide, from the Ignite Hangout describing the moving of our M365 our users to commit to change.

EP57: Getting distracted about Collaboration Training

In this Episode of Office365Distilled Steve and Marijn look to put together the perfect Collaboration training agenda but get distracted by the new Microsoft Boards Early release, Yammer’s unique features and the reasons why the Dublin Pixies cannot find a fixed date to release new Microsoft 365 features on the same date.

EP56: Fantastic Features for MS Teams

Locked down and nothing else to talk about excepts some great ideas of future fantastic features for Jeff and the team to incorporate into the next release of MS Teams

EP55: Dave knows because of MS Viva Topics

We know that some features of Viva will cost extra and that makes sense. Steve and Marijn walk through the MS Viva features in their own inimitable style and somewhere amongst the laughter and idiotic ideas there are nuggets that make Viva a must have application. Which will get better if they take on their suggested improvements!

EP54: Achieving Real Value for MS teams

In this episode, 54 of Office365Distilled Steve and Marijn talk about putting the value back in MS teams with updates on the old and a bunch of new questions that finally puts to bed why ‘It Depends’is real and not an excuse for not having an answer.

EP53: SharePoint My Valentine. The first Kiss

In this valentine tale of true and everlasting love our special Valentines day podcast, the boy looked at their relationship with Microsoft 365, which started with SharePoint. From the first Kiss to the Kids leaving home, Steve and Marijn answer questions about their life with SharePoint a partner for nearly 20 years.

EP52: The Big Three Adoption Propositions

Episode 25 of #Office365Distilled is driven by Formula 1 2021 season changes and an absolute need to make every bit of available resource count. And steve asks Marijn the question, “If you have one chance to say one statement to your company to drive adoption… what would it be?”

EP51: Scoops of MOCA for the workplace

Marijn and Steve wish everyone a happy new year with this first podcast of 2021 and discuss Microsoft's Adoption web site and MOCA the Modern Collaborative Architecture and the time spent in the Team, the Community, and as an Individual.

EP50: The Value of M365 Maturity with a practical productivity score

Description The podcast where Steve and Marijn Start with a continuation of their Wish.com failures and how mature the products are… and then think about assessing the Microsoft365 maturity level for your organization referring to the official levels and how much value it can bring to the role of adoption and assessing where your business is. You can check out Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 – Collaboration Competency | Microsoft Docs to get the background.

EP49: Transformation Acronyms and the forgotten Whisky

The podcast where Marijn Confesses he might be in denial about Sway… Steve finds a whisky he cannot believe they have not tasted before and ADKAR takes its place against the backdrop of Digital transformation

EP48: A suspicious weasel and our Christmas wish list

Marijn and Steve talk through their Christmas wish list from the Roadmap without complaints but with excitement as the value of these new features are discussed. As it is lockdown they are tasting two whiskies from Home which when combined create a Suspicious Weasel.

EP47: Michelangelo and the 5 steps to collaboration

Steve and Marijn get a little rude in this podcast where they answer questions on How, Why, and What we need to do for driving collaboration. They touch on Michelangelo who said that “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” which is of course requoted by Steve and Marijn as… “I saw the idea in the team and collaborated until I set it free” Whilst the steps to collaboration will be different across organization Steve and Marijn create the baseline 5 steps to introducing collaboration into the business

EP46: ‘AD-OP-SHUN’ and “OCK-UN-TOSH-UN” Both challenging!

Steve & Marijn start by ignoring Office 365 and talking about food and chocolate before remembering that Whisky is important and then Office365 'AD-OP-SHUN' gets a big-time mention as the boys again look ay MS teams and how to ensure a high-level ROI

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