EP99: The episode that failed to Excel

Information v. Calculation is the starting statement that Steve and Marijn start this podcast with. The day started working on an idea to look at adopting users to M365 Lists and how we can migrate users away from Excel stored information towards a shared M365 list version BUT there was a resounding DDDdddaaaaaahhhHHH as the boys could NOT find any solid reason for driving people towards SP lists because the conclusion is that both have distinct values with great advantages... Steve gets excited when they eventually hit something that Excel cannot do... and then goes overboard.
These notes will be short because this EP99 podcast is simple and focused on a single subject which for the boys is very rare...

Talking about Excel and when excel was introduced to the market and how Steve and Marijn thought they would have a great case for moving people from Excel to SharePoint lists and find that maybe there are not many even no, specific reasons to drive users away from excel to M365 Lists

The session turns out to simply select the best examples of using Excel and M365 lists without saying one is better than the other....   It just shows that even the most experienced and best can make mistakes.

Steve keeps asking the hard questions, which lead us to understand Lists more and their roles in the M365 ecosystem. 

The podcast’s ending is great because Gianni, who won the One Inch Party, sent over a great sample of Aberfeldy 16 year old, which was worth a taste  (he also sent over a sample of Cruach-Mhone from Bunnahabhain), all very much appreciated.

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Steve Dalby
Steve Dalby
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EP99:  The episode that failed to Excel
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