EP96: Exploring Value in Viva Goals

After reviewing Holidays, Injuries and their speaking scheduled for the rest of the year Steve and Marijn talk about Viva Goals and take a first look at the value it might bring to the workforce and the potential difficulties in implementing it. There is a great opportunity here with this product to open up the business's transparency regarding the corporate objectives and annual goals selected by the board to drive the business forward. Then the boys talk about Vegas against, and you can get to join them for a day of Adoption and Change. Check out the Cast notes for links to attend the workshops from Steve and Marijn
Keeping Change and Adoption Real: The Workshop ... Come and see us live this year...

And on the podcast...

Steve and Marijn kick off their Summer podcasts with a quick check on their Vacations and a Proud Dad tells you about his daughter obtaining her Degree and the graduation parties

Marijn lists all the injuries he was plagued with on the dangerous holiday park he stayed at in France.  Steve did a road trip around the south of England and Wales.

The boys have a busy end of the year with presentations and workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, Copenhagen, UK and USA  (Vagas Baby...) 

Microsoft put Viva Goals into GA this week, so Steve and Marijn start talking about OKRs, the business's implications, and all that you need to prepare for.

Goals will allow the organisation to be transparent in what Objectives the board has decided will drive the business forward.  Recent statistics from Microsoft show that 77% of the workforce needs more purpose in their work.  Viva Goals could be a way to change that statistic to the most positive.

Steve considered the old MC server system, which included 3 servers that started with the High-level programs followed by the Projects and then the client tools.  You could not create a project unless it was a vital aspect of the program and connected.  This allowed a roll-up of the program costs and delivery.

The conversation comes to the most significant consideration, which is the fact that to make this work, it requires buy-in from the highest level to the lowest action.

Marijn and Steve finish by going Welsh and tasting the Penderyn Hiraeth No8 in the 50 special release whiskies coming from the South Wales distillery in the Brecon Beacons.  Steve admits to not being the biggest fan of their standards but this one is lifted above many.

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EP96: Exploring Value in Viva  Goals
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