EP94: Transforming Hire to Retire with M365

This all started when Marijn read a great article about Business Architecture and the importance of understanding this before starting to transform the organisation with a new M365 solution around Apps or Content. So, the Boys decided on a triple distillation of Architecture with Business, Applications and Information all included in the discussion in the context of a typical HR business process. Listen as Steve and Marijn drop in a few golden nuggets of knowledge by looking at a typical business process and identifying potential M365 solutions using the MOCA framework for collaboration. https://www.cmswire.com/information-management/transformation-starts-with-your-business-architecture/
After talking about recently attended events we learn that Marijn likes only soft things against his skin, but the boys resist the opportunity for a fun discussion on this fact.  They talk about the new news around AD and AAD groups where AAD groups can now be nested.

There is disagreement about the copying of profiles and if the AAD groups also get copied across to new users based on another user... Steve thought not and Marijn started to doubt... but from a quick lookup it appears there is a user template option now available and some Microsoft Flows that will not assist in this role.

Bon Vivant is Marijn’s new Viva name, which is apparently a thing

Eventually, Steve and Marijn move on to the subject at hand which is Business Architecture.  The idea being it is important to understand the business processes around this architecture and then use M365 architecture to add value to the areas that most need a change or improvement.

We take a look at a specific Business architecture working across the business and for the podcast, we tool the Hire to Retire process.  

We take the various aspects of the process and choose the appropriate Microsoft365 application and tool that best improves that aspect of the process.  Nothing is limited as this is after all only a podcast.

And of course, neither Steve nor Marijn has to build this so reality can take a side-line.  Especially when Steve takes an AI chat that creates an automatic Head-hunter application to go find the perfect candidate.

After completing the process, it is time to relax with a whisky from Finland... so we finished the Finish whisky at the end of the podcast

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EP94: Transforming Hire to Retire with M365
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