EP93: Discussing the Vibe of your M365 Project

What tone of voice do you want to use that best communicates the messages for a new service or as part of an adoption program? The nugget around Intranet names was discussed with some suggestions on what to avoid and try and find the worse 5 names for an Intranet. The serious conversation looks at how important understanding the tone and personality of the change, new services or approach you are looking to take. Steve admits that he is in a very silly, Monty Python kind of mood and maybe even verging onto sarcasm... EP93 is a fun podcast defining the Style of your project and how it is being delivered and communicated to your business and remember every company is different so the tone of voice will change from place to place.
We identify quickly that Marijn is likely to suffer a little simply because of a high-sarcasm level within the evil mind of Steve during the recording.  Steve sends his apologies!!

Names of Internets got a little time which represents the point about style that the team use for the project.  The Style, tone of voice, graphics, and word choice helps set the style of the project, training, look and feel etc.  So often the name chosen will drive the style.

Some thoughts on how the project is linked to the corporate brand, but the best advice is to have a feel of the corporate branding in whatever style you decide on for the communications and adoption of the project.

Navigation gets a good minute or two both on style and importance before taxonomy has a few sarcastic comments that ensures it is not forgotten and an indication that it is important and something that needs to be taken seriously.

Returning to the link to the company branding needs to be considered but the intranet and project communications should be aligned to the company style.  Steve and not sure about how a company ethos is defined and by who and gets very deep on this wondering who makes the decisions.... Marijn is right in that M365 project needs to work alongside the way the company operates.

We do agree on the fact that different companies need a different personality to the project and intranet, we know banks are more serious than a software house etc.  Steve does need to let it go... companies find their own level it is not decided by ‘John’ or any team.

Marijn hits on the important point that whatever style/vibe/feel you decided on it should be consistent from beginning to the end and a strategy of style that everyone signs up for

Don’t let the style take away the main priority that M365 projects are about changing and improving communications and collaboration

You should not forget that you need to balance the audience needs and the company style.  Legal people have a different mindset to engineers and marketing and the content is very different ranging from Serious to stories to data sheets.  Maybe the pages and terms used on different divisions pages need varied styles.

The Boys finish with a very rare whisky from this weeks Fies Ila festival from Islay in Scotland.  We are very impressed with this year’s edition from Kilchoman, the Fèis Ìle 2022 Edition. 

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EP93: Discussing the Vibe of your M365 Project
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