EP76: Back to Basics: Intranet is relevance delivered

Steve takes the high road and suggests that Intranet has changed from just Internal comms owning content. Hybrid working has changed the face of the workforce. Marijn explains the concept of important trusted information from a single reliable source and Yammer gets a good mention because of its ability to provide funnels of information well delivered. Make sure you catch the round up after the Tasting of a dram from Goa.
Steve is not confused by his dyslexia of saying this is episode 67 at all, it might be down to the Uncle Nearest the boys shared as a winter warmer after coming in from the cold.

All this before talking about M365 Chicago, mentioning Commsverse  https://www.commsverse.com/ again in June same place, and Steve and Marijn turn up on a few of the social photos on the web site.

Steve tries to explain to Marijn why his view on Internet is a little screwed and has changed over the years and yes Steve gets difficult (surprise surprise) trying to drill down on the importance of the Intranet and why relevance is so important as a solid source of truth.

Content architecture becomes a key part of the Intranet scope so that relevant information is delivered to the right people.  A key decision is needed to decide if Content is pushed or pulled but only if after you have defined the company content architecture.

Its important to ensure that you have a great content taxonomy of content so that what arrives is relevant to the user viewing the pageā€¦ One page about health and safety but it delivers the relevant H&S rule based on where I work and what I do.  A user should not have to search for a specific Safety information sheet when the Intranet knows what I do and where I work.

Marijn brings back the model for content management as A, B C and now adds D.  in a model that looked like a Whisky Still

Scope of an Intranet is defined without reference to internal communications.

A new approach to publishing is required and audiences are well defined to cover languages and culture.

The Intranet is about content driven by a growing number of technologies that create the Intranet and can simplify access to relevant content based on the role and location of the user.

The mechanics of an Internet are briefly discussed on how easy it is put together a Hub sites and a few connected sites.  But the real work is about ensuring the right people see the most relevant information.

Yammer gets a good mention because of its ability to provide funnels of information well delivered

Finally, the boys return to Goa. This time a none-peated version from John-Paul.  Finally Steve and Marijn touch on Push and pull of information through the Intranet. 
EP76: Back to Basics: Intranet is relevance delivered
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