EP75: Back to Basics: Information Architecture with content types

Steve and Marijn present the 1st in a series of Back to Basics. Talking 'practical' Content types about how to plan, implement and gain value from the brave new world of content architecture. But first, news about Steve talking at M365 Chicago, congratulations to Carmen on getting MVP and Steve expresses his failure to achieve MVP by telling them all they can never join him as a non-MVP anymore! This is a practical podcast giving you lots of information on implementing content types and designing that illusive content architecture.

Marijn and Steve fail miserably to define content types with a complex 'deep' example first time around but eventually Steve talks about his favourite subject ‘naked Chocolate’ and once you hear this you get a simple definition about what a content type is.

The basics are covered to talk about re-usable metadata and then move across to the value of being able to identify specific content across large number of sites.  Steve gets pedantic (surprise surprise) about how CT’s are synchronized and copied as a separate object with a link and the value of this in search.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of planning content types as an architecture as part of the information architecture across the enterprise.  Marijn asks a question about how the hierarchy of content types work and when should a content type be created as a new top level or latch into an existing structure.

Marijn starts to take on the role of question master to add some structure to the review of Content types to ensure the right information is available.

Content types are going through a re-birth like classic pages when to Modern pages.  This means that some of the existing functionality is removed whilst the rebirth of the concept is modernised.

The boys taste a South African whisky created from Corn that surprising enough they like and enjoy.
EP75: Back to Basics: Information Architecture with content types
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