EP71: SAFe Agile M365 planning with T-Shirts

Steve is in an Obstreperous mood and Marijn has to put up with the crap that comes out of Steve's head as he tries to get a word in edgeways. Marijn asks about what a T-Shirt size is and how does that help us create greatness. OBSTREPEROUS noisy and difficult to control. "the boy is cocky and obstreperous" So Marijn asks the questions as Steve talks… yes, it’s one of those episodes. Steve tries to explain how Scaled AGILE uses System Thinking and why T-Shirts are so important. Then they meet the goal of introducing a whisky you will not easily be able to taste

Marijn has 2 subjects for discussion in Episode 71.  Intranet, using Communications sites to create an ‘intranet’ and the SAFe AGILE process ( SAFe = Scaled Agile Framework ).  

So, they start with T-Shirt sizes and Steve goes onto explain how T-Shirt sizes allows for an AGILE approach to corporate planning and delivering against a vision in a driven direction.  Marijn loves the concept of using Dinosaurs to plan your Microsoft365 roll-out… an interesting podcast!

Steve admits towards the end of the podcast that he is the last person in the world to create a Spotify playlist and the boys talk about the magic of driving and hitting the right bend with the right speed and the right music.

Then they timebox 6 minutes to argue about Intranets and the different philosophies you could take when deciding on the Governance of your Intranet and which works in your organisation.

Then it finishes off with a gift from Tony who when on Holiday found a distillery that created Whisky from Cactus.  We definitely hit the objective of tasting a Whisky that you would not normally savor.  Mike Drop!

EP71: SAFe Agile M365 planning with T-Shirts
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