EP68: What we learned about MS teams @Commsverse

So, the boys had a week of learning they want to share. About MS teams, Microsoft Phone System, Sound and video Bars, Mercedes AMG cars, Team Rooms, Concorde, and Cotswolds Whisky. This Personal development week is described in detail in EP68 of Office365Distilled

After The first in-person conference for 18 months Steve and Marijn talk about the things they learned from the great list of speakers and people they bumped into and the Whisky tour around the Cotswold and Oxford.  Eventually tasting the Cotswold Peated Cask and an interview with Connor Teague the Events and Marketing Manager for the distillery telling us about the history and plans for this great English whisky brand.

Shout out...
Sarah Fenner  |  Al Eardley  |  Yannick Reekmens  |  Tony Woodruff  |  Alex Kwaskowski  |  Megan Warren  |  Bill Ayers  |  Sharon Weaver  |  Kevin and Al from GreyBeard  |  David Cromca  |  Zoe Wilson  

And all the others that we missed from the list…  thank you.

They talk about what they learned which of course focused on all the bits they don’t know… The main message is that MS teams is huge, but we all knew that.

EP68: What we learned about MS teams @Commsverse
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