EP64: SharePoint Adoption is improved by great pages

Steve and Marijn discuss the site information that could be displayed and in this podcast focus on the tips and tricks to building and managing pages. They talk to Matt Hurst from Ribbon Communications sponsor of Commsverse Conference (September 15th and 16th ) We send some Dear Jeff emails knowing he will be taking our suggestions and immediately adding them to the backlog on the day the podcast is released… ok maybe not 😉 We finish with a great German whisky suggested by a regular listener.

As always there is a hint of rudeness with discussions on how Marijn picks the perfectly sized cigar, but as it is a podcast the joke from Steve about where the cigar goes is lost on the audience.

But then the background to the podcast about setting up those pages is discussed.  Not defining the information that needs to be displayed but focusing on the tips and tricks to building and managing pages… the main 8 pieces of content.

We talk about Dear jeff and how he will be taking our suggestions and immediately adding them to the backlog on the day the podcast is released…  ok maybe not 😉 

A great tip from Marijn about creating a new view in the Site pages library to create a Functional list of the pages to find them back again. Steve reminds us that it is a library with all the features of a library including metadata, grouping, filtering multiple views.

Marijn introduces the way to list the pages in web parts and Steve looks at the fact that the page content is King, presented in a way to make the user go WOW and want to come back and see future changes.

Both podcasts talk about how the Heading anchors are a great way when combined with Quick links and even text links so that users can jump around the page and quickly get to the content.  Steve adds the tip to make sure users can easily get back to the top.

Matt Hurst joins us from Ribbon Communications a sponsor from the Commsverse conference on September 15th for 2 days to talk about what goodies they will be giving away at the conference and what knowledge they will share.

Dear Jeff… can you make a web part that can move within the page as you scroll down and stay within the live window as well as making it possible to pull content from other site collections.

The boys shout out lots of respect to those with the skills that can visualize a stunning page and the difference between the technical skills of building the page and the design aspects of creating beauty.

Movie tags are included that perfectly describes how we bend Microsoft365 weaknesses as Marijn says “Nature always finds a way” 

Some new features are discussed around collapsible sections which are rolling out… but you can ignore this if needed because apparently ‘We are not that kind of podcast 😊

The podcast disagreement is about the Page web part that inserts a line… Steve hates and Marijn loves… before finishing with some Dear Jeff moments for improvements.

Finally, we get to Whisky, which turns out to be very special, suggested by our regular listener Sven, created by a German Kirsh maker.  The boys tell a confusing story of this whisky because it is so surprisingly good and it expands the taste horizon of Steve and Marijn.  Bu the agreement is that they should not have been surprised because of the source of this whisky.

And this time Steve tries to do the ending and gets hijacked by Marijn.

EP64: SharePoint Adoption is improved by great pages
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