EP62: A blend of M365 Secure Score, Commsverse and Japan

Introducing Commsverse in the Office365Distilled podcast we hear from Speakers, Organisers and sponsors from the upcoming Commsverse conference scheduled for 15th & 16th September 2021. EP62 is a touchy feely podcast including sheep, loosing virginity and Marijn taking a prick for his health. Yes, it is one of those podcasts… where Marijn gets a solid Business reasons for implementing his first Yammer application and the boys look at Secure score providing some high level advise on how to improve your security posture.

Have you set up Secure Score??  Office365Distilled takes a high level look at improving your secure score and the big items that you can implement to move your score from the low percentile to more than 60%.

“but how does this effect the user?” Is a question that Steve and Marijn cover. We do know that adding security is a balance with the inconvenience cause with additional authentication and speed reduction through encrypting content etc. 

Mark Vale and Martin Boam creators of Commsverse join us to provide some background about how this Hybrid conference is designed to focus on networking and deep diving into MS Teams over 2 days at Mercedes-Benz world in the UK 

Peer comparison in Secure Score is discussed which is a great way to judge your figure against representative peer companies and how settings today will not consistently keep your percentages up because accessing secure score is important to ensure a high level of security.

Secure score can manage your tasks and projects around security and allows you to mitigate the risks if your DLP for example is managed by external tools.  Defining who can see, read, and edit secure score is important to ensure the right people have appropriate access.

Alerts are discussed that will set some policies which check various aspects of the user experience for those users who forward their email to external accounts or remove their Junk Email folder.

Whisky raises its head as usual and we move east with a blend from Japan and Steve forgets the the name of the recent Sherry Bomb Whisky he tasted on his journey to appreciating Sherry whisky and then Marijn introduces a Japanese Whisky finished in Rum barrels from Okinawa. 
EP62: A blend of M365 Secure Score, Commsverse and Japan
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