EP59: The epic pissing contest between SPO and MS Teams

Steve and Marijn look at a question every company moving to the cloud must consider today with the growing maturity of MS teams. Do we focus adoption on SharePoint Collaboration or MS teams for the new Microsoft 365 cloud customer? In the Blue corner representing MS teams Marijn Somers and the Red corner with a SharePoint Shout-Out Steve Dalby. The answer is given at the start of the podcast and then the action starts.

There are a lot of things to discuss with regard to your Collaboration journey and which tools should be used for what is a key Decision.  Steve and Marijn get down and dirty checking out two of the applications  SPO (SharePoint Online) and MS teams.  It goes a little like this:

00:00:14 Steve
KI kind of hate this whole notification thing in Ms teams. Okay.

00:00:21 Marijn
Probably because you're not using it in the right way.

00:00:26 Steve
Okay Mr. high and freaking Mighty then why? What am I doing wrong?

00:00:27 Marijn

00:00:29 Marijn
No, no no. I'm just saying this notification system works as you know, just like it should on Outlook 

00:00:41 Marijn
For when people are collaborating in the organization and you or they should send you an email where you are in the CC.

00:00:49 Marijn
See, you shouldn't be. You shouldn't have to read. It's not information that you need to know in order to do your job. 
If you're in the CC square, so for that they can just post that information on the team. If they need you to do something with it that you need to be put in the two fields and for that, in teams, the equivalent is actually tagging you or tagging a group of people, and that is the thing that you should get in your notification.

00:01:20 Marijn
Should only be the items that you need to do something with.

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