EP53: SharePoint My Valentine. The first Kiss

In this valentine tale of true and everlasting love our special Valentines day podcast, the boy looked at their relationship with Microsoft 365, which started with SharePoint. From the first Kiss to the Kids leaving home, Steve and Marijn answer questions about their life with SharePoint a partner for nearly 20 years.

In this edition, the boys talk about the relationship they have both had with SharePoint and its 20-year journey.

The day they both met for the first time and the spark that said this would be cool.

The first date when they started to understand the complexities and depth of our new partner.

That extraordinary moment of the first Kiss and you realised that this was a commitment for life.

Of course, they discussed getting to second base, but we edited that bit out after all who wants to hear about anyone getting intimate with a software piece. But don’t underestimate the need to get-on-down with SharePoint to make it shine with happiness!

The many arguments that took place because SharePoint would not do the things you wanted to do

That moment in any relationship when you realised it was getting serious

The sad time of the affair when SharePoint ran away with Exchange and created the illegitimate child calls Groups.

Briefly, the breakup of the family is discussed as Lists leave home and set up on their own

And we touch on the adopted family where the Hub site can connect with lost children.

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