EP51: Scoops of MOCA for the workplace

Marijn and Steve wish everyone a happy new year with this first podcast of 2021 and discuss Microsoft's Adoption web site and MOCA the Modern Collaborative Architecture and the time spent in the Team, the Community, and as an Individual.

They talk about virtual events and how repetitive they have become because they are all the same.  Then they remind us that Ignite the Spring event has been scheduled for March.

The boys lower the tone a little by suggesting that we only attend meetings Partly dressed and take the session with a twinkle in the eye

Then there is a hint of the new WhiskyAtEase YouTube channel to be launched soon as Steve and Marijn got together over the holidays to record the first Whisky Journey across Scotland. Watch this space.

Finally finishing off with a conversation about eating in the lockdown the boys eventually start to get to the subject of this podcast   MOCA, the Modern Collaboration Architecture…

Successful collaboration means getting the community time, individual time, and team time in the right proportion

The Microsoft adoption web site S&M check out the MOCA one page PDF and the supporting slide show.

There is a lot of conversation around the value of community in the business supporting the development of innovation at the coffee machine that is not available in lockdown.  Steve suggests that community-time is management driven community time within an ever-filled calendar.

How do you encourage Lockdown community?  People need time to interact as a community for personal development and to discuss ideas when there is pressure to meet goals and focus on delivery

The MOCA document shows SWAY which Marijn says must be SharePoint… is he saying Sway is not a collaboration tool 😊 

Performing in a team means getting support for community time and individual time

There is a discussion about the Team's applications to use. Steve suggestions that published content does not belong in OneNote. It is a NOTE book, not a sway PAGE.

Teams are discussed, and the suggested number of 5-12 is explained as a scientific fact around quantity v Qualitative and how decisions can be agreed quickly with the right number.

Steve talks about a solution for ensuring sites are correctly aligned with the governance so Site Owners can adjust their settings if needed.

The boys have a long chat about the ratio of time between Community, Individual and Team time that ensures a team member has time to be creative and support the team goal

This is an unusual finish for an O365Distilled podcast because neither of the boys gets on with the Whisky they have chosen to taste; it leaves an oily finish that they find unpleasant. But they still finish the glass.

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