A Wee Dram #5: Driving SharePoint with your own LookBook

Its Marijn’s birthday and his Girlfriend just left him, and he is feeling the soulfulness of an early morning and reaching the tender age of 40… Happy Birthday Marijn from your peeps!! Welcome to number 5 of the Office365Distilled Wee Dram series. To be more accurate Marijn’s Girlfriend left the apartment for work leaving Marijn to record a podcast on a great idea to improve your users SharePoint capability by re-creating the SharePoint look book concept from Microsoft but based on your own companies site template needs.
With the possibilities of empowering the business to create their own Intranet site that is based on the same template with Governance built in.

Building a SharePoint site for the end user is like buying yourself a new 40th Birthday cigar lighter that is complex and needs a few You Tube videos to ensure you operate it correctly.  Your Corporate SharePoint look book might just be the tool to do that.

With the opportunities to automate your site creation by the users from the press of a button Marijn extends the concept to consider Governance capabilities that can add variety to the templates enabling both functionality and content protection based on the level of assurance the site requires.
A Wee Dram #5: Driving SharePoint with your own LookBook
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