A Wee Dram #3 Creating M365 Impact

Break, Create, Adapt, Innovate & Redefine are 5 keywords that describe the evolution of M365 within a company. In this episode, we look at CREATE and specifically impact. Steve Dalby will take you through some examples of how you can Create Impact Faster when driving the evolution of M365 in your organisation.

Division of the implementation of M365 into 3 spaces...

Understanding the Need:  Our primary communication is speech, it’s the fastest way 2 human beings can exchange ideas, and frustrations and collaborate over solutions.

Identify the current risks: Breaking down the processes that are prone to fail or that everyone understands are vulnerable for some reason.

Ignore the normal: There are a few traditional ways of delivering M365 but if you want to deliver M365 with value then use everything you have learned to focus on what can Create Impact Faster

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A Wee Dram #3 Creating M365 Impact
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