A Wee Dram #2: Breaking Down the Barriers

Steve's 'Wee Dram' Breaking Down the barriers looks at those first few days of starting that new job, new contract or consultancy project. Steve looks at what you need to be focused on in a new role so that you can start adding value early on and be the shining star that you are in your chosen area of expertise. Breaking down the barriers looks at Week1, Doors and Barriers as three steps to identifying where you can make the best change and build the foundation for the time you are working in this new company.
In the first week of any new Job or contract you get introduces to people and teams telling you what is required, and what you need to deliver.

Inevitable there is a reason when it has not been delivered before you arrive which means that your specific skills are needed to make it happen. 

Very often after over 30 years in the consultancy game, Steve finds that what the organisation thinks needs to happen is not what should be delivered.  Steve shares his secrets of the first week and identifies Doors and barriers that you will come across but maybe you have not noticed.  Doors and barriers are what shape the work you need to do, and your effectiveness in delivering value.

Value is important as it balances the money you are taking out of the company, and we always want to ensure the company feels that they get value for money.  In this podcast, you will find one or two ideas that will ensure your employer feels that way.

A Wee Dram #2: Breaking Down the Barriers
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