EP49: Transformation Acronyms and the forgotten Whisky

The podcast where Marijn Confesses he might be in denial about Sway… Steve finds a whisky he cannot believe they have not tasted before and ADKAR takes its place against the backdrop of Digital transformation

Start with a technical discussion on recording the podcast before Marijn gets into some strange and good news.

Jon, Shaun, and Matt get a mention for their Microsoft Refresh YouTube show about new products

Steve shouts out that he focuses on the latest news from Microsoft and how companies forget that technology depreciates

Marijn spills the beans and…  Confesses he might be wrong about Sway…  he received a Sway and he admits his adoration for a well crafted communication…  

Marijn admits he is in denial

Inevitably the technical conversation turns to Whisky early on in this podcast… and Steve amazes Marijn with a whisky that 49 podcasts in we have never tasted this…

14 weeks and counting before the O365Distilled Japanese Whisky tour and Steve preparation through the various TV shows on Japan

Setting targets are important.  what is the KPI for the number of Japanese tastings will take place?

The role of Microsoft 365 admins, service owners and consultants in Enterprise Digital Transformation is discussed.

First… do organisations really want to do Digital Transformation or is reality the minimum path to the solution with least transformation

Is Digital Transformation a yellow Camero transforming into the alien defending robot?

Is Digital transformation possible without the SharePoint collaboration team… especially with the constant change in the digital landscape

Marijn like the word better… better refinement, better compliance, after inventing Easify as a new word for the world

Click Boom Wow… a SPO library showing on your native laptop with one click

My Transformation verse My teams transformation is analysed

Bribery is discussed as a change and adoption tool for the ‘team Digital Transformation’ individual enthusiasm for the change is a key steppingstone to success

Steve gets is user story points and stories and measurements all mixed up…

Identifying the ‘Enterprise tools’ that drive digital transformation across the teams and their processes, a role for Service owners, administrators and consultants.  Where can Power Platform drive efficiency and process change.

Curious users with a Desire to change will drive team Digital transformation

Peoples Ability to change is a must… that’s why A is the fourth later in the change acronym ADKAR

Always changing, the platform is never stable to reinforce the change… but maybe of 

As in previous Lockdown episodes you get 2 whisky tastings simply due to not being in the same room.  Steve surprises Marijn with the Caol Ila Whisky and the boys cannot believe that we have not tasted it before…. And then Marijn introduces a change in his taste starting to love a drink that previously he has not really appreciated…  Sway and Whisky Transformation for Marijn…

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