EP48: A suspicious weasel and our Christmas wish list

Marijn and Steve talk through their Christmas wish list from the Roadmap without complaints but with excitement as the value of these new features are discussed. As it is lockdown they are tasting two whiskies from Home which when combined create a Suspicious Weasel.

First subject is about ‘The Week that was’ and Steve talks about an approach to migrating intranet content and at a high-level what approach to take.

Cortex released the first iteration SharePoint Syntex and Marijn makes a commitment to collaborate with himself to get a great understanding of the new products and direction that Cortex is taking.

Then Steve and Marijn look at the upcoming releases and taking a few each explain why it has value to the work we are doing now or just because it’s cool

Marijn predictably starts with the Obvious teams one… Breakout rooms and Steve thinks about what breakout rooms we might have at the Christmas party… and beyond!! And how most of the time will be spent naming the rooms and how Forms will help with the efficiency of deciding the room names…

Its pretty cool how the organizer can set up the rooms and send people to their room.  When everyone is brought back together all their collaboration content which is shared back with everyone when the breakout rooms are dissolved

https://youtu.be/cKp0QRORQfQ has great overview of the new Breakout Room features

The next item selected is around SharePoint and enabling modern experience on Classic sites.  Able to migrate a classic site and then implement the modern experience.

Marijn then hits us with his number 2 which is all about the external collaboration with folks outside the organization.

Project Moka gets a mention and Marijn’s frustration with no external sharing.  Finally, Steve shocks Marijn with the news that Whiteboards will be stored in SPO libraries later in 2021 and get retention and label capabilities

SharePoint Spaces (Project Moka) is still being worked on as a new release is discussed and Marijn considers how spaces should be more like a Virtual headset game and approving a document can be accomplished by slashing it with a light sabre…

Steve talked about tags and metadata for containers which is imminent and so required to do site lifecycle

The boys then find that the next item for discussion is the same…  both think that calendar lists will be cool so that any list with a data can be shown in a calendar view…  and suggests to any partners listening that being able to take that item as a ICS exported file would have value.

Steve pops the cork on a whisky bottle to remind Marijn that the podcast is moving on and then some frustration is shown about the baby Power Platform for MS teams that is due on a MS team somewhere near you.

The improved reporting on SharePoint sites hits the stage to give some feedback on site usage so that proper decisions can be made on site lifecycle.

Then the boys start to play with the sounds that a Whisky bottle makes when the cork is removed and it is poured into a glass… Due to the lockdown 2 whisky’s are discussed and how far apart they are…

Marijn drinks from Scotland Jura Superstition and Steve takes a dram from Belgium Wild Weasel… Steve wins the decision on best name…

EP48: A suspicious weasel and our Christmas wish list
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