EP42: We Know 42 is the MS List answer

On this Episode of Office365Distilled…. Steve and Marijn talk to a regular listener to the podcast @Dylan_Hayes with great tips on setting up your @home broadcasting center for virtual conferences. Lists gets a chunk of time as well as adopting the M365 new applications in Microsoft timeline. Its time for Marijn to take another swipe at Sway and the duo taste a Whiskey described as “An iron Fist in A Velvet Glove”

Steve and Marijn talk to a regular listener to the podcast @Dylan_Hayes who talks about setting up his home office so that he can give professional quality presentations with switched cameras, virtual desktops and some great tips on doing the one-person presentation.

Then the guys talk about the forthcoming Microsoft 365 Lists application and how it can improve the management of data and looking at adoption and enablement across the business.  They discuss Governance of M365 Lists and some thoughts on use and functionality.

Steve gets a little sarcastic about the number of monitors you need whilst working from home… the ‘New Normal’ and value of Pop-out meetings in MS teams.  Finally, the suggestion of timing your adoption for MS teams so that you can run with the release of the new application in your own tenant.  Then Marijn adds his sarcasm about how difficult some companies make change and cannot bring themselves to accept new applications.

They align SharePoint and the DB app Access and discuss how SharePoint now maps to the structure of the desktop DB app and think about how Excel is abused as content repository tool and then emailed to everyone.

They show their age and forget the names of colleagues (sorry Joanne !!) who they had dinner with @ignite and Marijn takes another swipe @Sway still not finding the business case for the product... the boys cannot leave it alone…

Then they go back to the first distillery they tasted on EP1 for a bottle named after the farm that grows the barley which makes this very special whiskey limited to just 4200 bottles and described as “An iron Fist in A Velvet Glove” the Bruichladdich Octomore 09.1 a very peated whiskey that only one of the duo enjoyed.

The only thing they agreed one was… “There is nothing delicate about this whisky” and beware Marijn says he will drink it again but only to ensure his friends get the taste it and he can watch!!

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