EP119: Adopt Based on the size of your package

The boys get distracted as always as the Autumn Speaker circuit comes alive.  The conclude with Governance at the South Coast Summit (join their workshop at Practical Microsoft 365 Baseline Governance – South Coast Summit ) Recorded live at Marijn’s place, where the boys are constantly distracted by the world walking passed... 

Steve’s memory is again letting him down as he tries to remember the name of the artist he saw a week ago because the boys have been singing “Changes’ from Mr David Bowie since they suggested today’s subject.

So, the subject is change, and specifically, they discuss the implications of Outlook and MS Team having huge updates in the same timeframe.

The Podcast looks at current changes creating problems and differences in both clients to identify scope changes.  Some will be improved, but this is a new canvas for Outlook and format for MS Teams, so some features may not be available when it goes live and be added later.

The Point of this podcast is to look at how to manage this change... we know change is constantly changing when considering Enterprise Apps.

The boys develop some great nuggets on how a model might look based on some change metric...   Change Points!!!  You heard it here first...

The Change model is about packages balanced against the change needs based on the change required in the application's upgrade size.

Several criteria can create the model. so Steve and Marijn discuss the main ones that should be considered.

Steve Changed the name of XLA to ELA’s, but the basis is still the same, value is based on how users perceive and manage the change... the ultimate way to measure the success of change.

Whisky eventually hits the menu, and Steve asks one of the speakers from the NY Community event a few weeks ago to find us a bottle we have been looking to taste for some time.  Today we taste Metallica’s Blackened whiskey, a blend from Dave Pickerell, one of the last blends he created before he passed away.  One of America’s greatest Master Distillers who changed Markers Mark from 175,000 bottles per year organisation to a million bottles per Distiller.

This whiskey has been on Steves’s list for some time so here it is, and well there is a difference of opinion...  

This batch of Whisky has its own playlist that is played to the Whisky during the Maturation process and if you want to listen to the playlist...  here is the link.  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1w6KeG09G0VWrRRkkLZet0?si=972b68b77ae9468e 

Check it out.

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Marijn Somers
Marijn Somers
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Steve Dalby
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EP119:  Adopt Based on the size of your package
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