EP112: The Human Side of Change

The first of 3 podcasts sponsored by CloudAlly and provided 3 great whiskies to taste on the next 3 Episodes.  On Episode 113 we will be speaking to Murrey Moceri, the Partner Account Director from CloudAlly, who will be talking about content protection through their platform.

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The subject of today is ‘Human in IT’ and we start by considering the workload growth and the average number of change programs that people are involved in has increased by 400%.  Cynically Steve of course is wondering if that is true but that companies are now taking more care about change and formalising the programs of change.

We can only assume but we do agree that the number of changes is increasing, but not everyone gets phased by application changes as often it is not a core process.

We identify that the big 3 are changing, Outlook, MS Teams and SharePoint will all look and feel differently over the coming 3-4 months.

Co-Pilot is a new attribute where AI gets integrated into the normal applications within the Office application set.  This change will affect everyone as those that use it can gain real value within the company and for themselves.  This is a change that is worth and change program as the payback will be worth the effort.

The Boys get hot under the collar about the concept of collaboration and communication protocols and whether these are good or bad.  The lesson here is that Humans in IT mean that there are many ways of working.  Humans are fickle people... but they are inquisitive by nature... So we get involved with defining what normal means but take some extreme examples like is Climbing Mount Everest now Normal?

We have to shout out to Dylan Hayes because we wanted to talk about his great runs, but we could not remember his handle...

We hit on AI, and the changes it brings and how Humans in IT can benefit from it and get value from one of the most significant IT changes in recent times.

We conclude that Change is a Drip-Drip-Drip means that as Humans, we do need to expect change, which of course, can increase stress levels or not.

Finally, we remember that tech can make people lazy... so accepting what Co-Pilot gives you may not get tested/assessed/changed before being published.

EP112: The Human Side of Change
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