EP108: The 4.5 pillars of Innovation

This is an extraordinary look at Innovation based on criteria around: Creativity, Vision, Risk-taking and Collaboration.  But maybe Governance has a place... or half a place in the definition.

The Boys are back after the great episode 107, and this time they are talking about innovation with a quote that Innovation is in the Delta between your known limit and the place you push to.

As we take some time to break down the pillars of Creativity, Vision, Risk and Collaboration, we identify that governance has a role in the innovation process. Still, we need to agree if this is something that restricts innovations or merely controls the scope of invention.  Let us know how YOU feel about it.

We conclude by taking a Harvard quadrant with Innovation on the left and best practice on the right.  We put High Risk at the top and No risk at the bottom.  So Innovative High-risk items are in the top left quadrant... so where you would put OneDrive or MS teams etc.  Check out what Steve and Marijn did.

The Whisky is very unusual and no. 870 from the first bottlings from the Maradsous Abbey in Belgium is a very interesting dram to taste if you can find a bottle outside of Belgium.

We finish by referring to a few Wee Drams around Innovations, and these can be found here to support the content of this podcast:

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Steve Dalby
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EP108: The 4.5 pillars of Innovation
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