EP106: Practical Governance From ChatGPT

2023 is the year of governance with Marijn and Steve. To get started, we asked ChatGPT for 3 paragraphs describing Governance for M365, which we used to dig deep into the practical aspects of setting up Governance in M365.

We conclude that there are practical links between getting governance right that drives the success of a Good Adoption and Change program.

Here is what GPT told us about M365 Governance
Microsoft 365 Governance refers to the management of policies, procedures, and standards for the use of Microsoft 365 services. It involves defining rules and guidelines for access, use, storage, and dissemination of data and information within an organization using Microsoft 365 services. This helps to ensure the security, compliance, and privacy of sensitive data and information, as well as promote collaboration and productivity.

Effective M365 Governance also involves the use of tools and features provided by Microsoft 365, such as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and others, to enforce policies, monitor usage, and provide reporting and auditing capabilities. It is critical to have a well-defined M365 Governance plan in place to ensure that all users are aware of their responsibilities and obligations when using Microsoft 365 services and that the data and information within the organization is protected and managed appropriately.

Finally, M365 Governance also involves continuous review and updates to policies and procedures to align with changing business requirements, technological advancements, and regulatory compliance requirements. This includes regular risk assessments, security audits, and assessments of user adoption and usage patterns to identify areas of improvement and ensure that the M365 Governance plan is effective in meeting the needs of the organization.

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EP106: Practical Governance From ChatGPT
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