EP104: Entering Listopia the world of Lists

After Mark Kashman’s great block article from the end of 2022 https://kashbox.substack.com/p/use-microsoft-lists-to-track-contacts Steve thinks we need more examples of lists and to consider the various differences of Personal lists, Team lists and Enterprise lists... So Marijn and Steve talk about lists they have created and how successful or not they have been. A Listopia event on the Office365Distilled podcast.
So Happy New Year from Marijn and Steve is the first thing that comes up with a review of the Advents podcasts and a big thanks for getting us close to Marijn downloads target of 15,000 downloads this year.

A quick 10-minute review of the people we met, the subjects we covered in December before hitting the subject of the Podcast Lists.... and some examples for use

Mark Kashman, on his blog did a release just before Christmas showing a personal list he created that he uses to track the people he meets and the socks he needs to give away as he tours and delivers his presentations.

Marijn suggests that forms are better, and for the right solution it might be... but if you are tracking something that needs updating Lists are the only way to do this...collecting data then forms are great... manipulating data then lists are the way to go.

So you get some great examples, of lists and the management of them as well and feedback and discussions on the best ways forward and lifecycles of your data.

The boys taste a Whisky from Denmark that sounds like a character in the Game of Thrones... Danica.

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Steve Dalby
Steve Dalby
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EP104: Entering Listopia the world of Lists
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