EP102: A busy day at the Office

There are times at the end of the long day when sharing the positives and negatives is a learning experience. Join Marijn and Steve as they review their projects and sharing their work and experience for the last 30 days or so. Episode 102 of Office365Distilled is truly about 2 guys at a bar swapping work stories and sharing their knowledge with anyone that wants to listen… and learn. However, there is a highlight in the form of a Cask Strength Laphroaig in the Càirdeas 2022 Warehouse 1 edition for the friends of Laphroaig … worthy of a toast after a busy day at the office
The boys reminisce about their last months of work and explain the issues, and effectively do what they do best… which is talk… after all, they are sitting at a bar enjoying a relaxing end-of-day drink…  Office365Distilled is about two guys standing at a bar talking crap… well this podcast is proving that definition right!

Wendy, the dog, is active tonight and wants to get involved…

We originally wanted to talk about loop… but Marijn decided he will play interviewer and keep the conversation technical, and we have the Life of a Consultant in action.

So Steve tells the world about a current project to introduce MS Teams calling and migrating from SfB and the things that needed attention, and where the project needs to go to support Voice calling.  Some strategy discussions about how and what is planned next on the project.

Marijn identifies that Steve was using a classic change strategy “Add Crappy Legacy tech to improve desire” 

The conversation continues, and Steve has worked out that over the last few months, his consultant's head has been in the game more than the boy’s thoughts initially.

So welcome to the Marijn Somers live Interview…. Until they swap roles and Steve takes over.

Subjects discussed in this Episode

MS Teams Calling | Moving from Baseline security through Evolution to the ‘Rethink’ |  Use of OneDrive in the wrong way |  Loop is discussed but in the context of delays

The future is discussed how long it now takes Microsoft to release new features… 

...and eventually, Loop is discussed, which was the original topic agreed upon by the boys and whilst they both love the concept that an active component is available across several applications.  Some discussions occur about whether a Fluid File (the file type for Loop) should be saved centrally…

And Finally, the podcast is turned over to the Càirdeas 2022 Warehouse 1 edition which turns out t be a very welcome guest

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Steve Dalby
Steve Dalby
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EP102: A busy day at the Office
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